Affiliate marketing team

Quality traffic for banks and payday loan companies all around the world.

What we do

We provide leads to banks and payday loan companies. We don’t charge for ad placement, landing development, email-marketing and web analytics. You only pay for the outcome which can be:

Payday loans

Bank loans


Security loans

Credit cards

Debit cards

Business loans

Settlement and cash services

Our experience


We operate with offers from 26 banks and 37 fintech companies for which we have implemented more than 3000 advertising campaigns.


5 years on the market and 11 years in digital. A project from the founders of the Click digital agency, which is included in the TOP-50 Internet companies in Kazakhstan list by rating

TOP-3 in KZ
TOP-20 in RU

Our company is in the TOP-3 lead generators in Kazakhstan and TOP-20 in Russia. Multiple winners of, Google Partners “Ready to Rock”, Young Lions Competition.

Traffic sources

Our expertise

Certification in advertising systems allows use of all platform innovations and to conduct advertising campaigns efficiently

Certified professionals on Google Ads Search advertising

Certified professionals on Google Ads Mobile advertising

Certified professionals on Google Ads Media advertising

Certified professionals on Google Ads Video advertising

Certified professionals on Yandex Direct advertising

Certified professionals on Facebook advertising

Certified professionals on MyTarget advertising

СCertified professionals on Google Analytics


Unique traffic management technologies ensure that clients get the highest AR (approval rate) with the lowest CPS (Cost-Per-Sale) on lead generating projects.

Our team

Nurkhat Turganov

Managing Partner & Co-founder



Andrey Smolyakov

Managing Partner & Co-founder


Kanat Sakhanov

Managing Partner & Co-founder



Azamat Smailov

Affiliate & Developer

Timur Signatulin

Senior Affiliate

Mikhail Bazarov


Kristina Kozlova

Business Development Manager

Sofya Sak